1. CREDIT OF THE PRODUCER - The licensor agrees that making a purchase of any type or download beats of free use, licensed beats, beats tagged, etc. or any similar content, and declares that it will give credit to producer whenever possible in written form (descriptions in covers, song or video CD, videos from YouTube, names file, mixtapes, albums, singles, remixes) , pages from social networks like Facebook, Instagram (@kaelsounds), Twitter (@kaelsounds, Snapchat, etc., sites of music such as SoundCloud, Reverbnation, etc..). Proper credit will be given in the following manner: (credits for example: 'Beat Prod by Kael Sounds' or 'Prod by Kael Sounds (kaelsounds.com.co)'...) All rights reserved © 2017, used under license. Appropriations for downloadable files such as. MP3, files. WAV, etc. should be included ' Prod. By Kael Sounds' in the file name. If the INSTRUMENTAL / licensed BEAT contains any pre-recorded addition or hook (also known as choir) by an artist (singer/rapper), the name of the artist must be credited in the following way: ('Hook by Artist name' or ' Feat.) Artist name')., if there is doubt about their corresponding stage name, can be found in the respective license granted and on our web site. The pre-recorded Hooks are Free Royalty. Kael Sounds is the owner of all rights commercial / profitable each hook. The instrumentals / Beats with hooks are shown as 'Instrumentals with Hooks' and are treated in the same way that all other compositions of Beats with respect to licenses and the terms and conditions. All the artists that can appear in the Beats and hooks perform have been paid in advance for his work as 'work for hire' and are legally qualified to enter into this agreement.

2. PAYMENTS - Kael Sounds accept PayPal, major credit cards payments, international wire transfers, Western Union and bank transfer. All payments must be made in advance before delivery of the product, will only be delivered after receiving payment, never in advance. Still outstanding payments and are not accredited yet, needed to become valid first before delivery. Kael Sounds not accept plans of payment (fees, payments separate) for their services and/or products and it will not make any refund or reserves, under any exclusive license and exclusive license. Only in rare cases of duplicate purchases, or other rare circumstances, we'll match what you paid with an item of equal or similar value.

3. PUBLIC SHOWS - (SHOWS / VIDEOS / STREAMS / RADIO & TV-AIRPLAY) - The following types of public performances: ' Show Live: partial and full (live performance), 'Videos', 'Audio Streams', 'Radial exposure (Sonar transmitter)', are permitted for non-exclusive licenses, without limitation on number of presentations. TV Airplay (Video clip on TV appearance), ' emergence of music in films, TV or commercials, commercials and Videos payable on digital platforms only allowed for the exclusive license.

4. VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE (CONTENT ID) - The licensor maintains unlimited worldwide rights to register their BEATS / INSTRUMENTALS with any program / institution, Manager of CONTENT ID as cassette Upload - music, etc. (if you have questions about CONTENT ID, please search Google 'Content-ID') and be the only administrator rights from YouTube using the Content ID program. This is necessary and entitles the licensor to maintain administrative and legislative rights on the composition of the BEAT / INSTRUMENTAL, with order to ensure owners of licenses, the correct administrative guidance and guarantees on hosted and licensed exclusive acquired licenses. The main objective is to prevent that people steal the BEATS / INSTRUMENTAL and use them/or monetize your videos or content, without a license. Which makes cassette Upload - music is to scan YouTube videos using the audio produced by Kael Sounds material, and automatically sends a claim of copyright, which temporarily blocks the use of monetization in the video. This claim, is more a notification and will not damage the channel or video, and not obliges to takedown the video (s), the only thing that does, is to disable the option of monetizing temporarily. The video will continue existing without other limitations. Anyone using free downloads (Free Downloads) and/or downloads tagged demos in videos on YouTube, you can ignore this notice of copyright, since they do not stop the video, but the monetization will not be allowed for non-exclusive licenses at all (if you want to monetization, can buy an exclusive license). IMPORTANT! - All owners of licenses must send us the links to your videos and details of purchase, so that we can put their videos on the white list and delete copyright claim as soon as possible - please send details /links to: contacto@kaelsounds.com.co including your full name, a link to the video (s) and email address used for the purchase. This is the exact message that can be received: "find content with copyright in your video. The plaintiff allows you to use the content on the YouTube video. However, could appear ads in it." Therefore, it may be possible that the licensee receives a claim of copyright in their videos from YouTube, even if you are a license owner. As I mentioned previously, follow the instructions written in bold. The use of a CONTENT ID program is the only way to ensure that only persons with a proper reproduction license may be monetizing their videos legally on YouTube. It also protects its videos receive fraudulent claims by third parties who claim to possess administrative rights on the composition. If you have any questions about this item, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time via email and we will respond within 24 business hours.

5. DELIVERY - Products, files and documents are delivered electronically via an automatic if you buy through our delivery instant and also manually within a deadline of 24 hours if you buy otherwise. All products, files and documents are sent electronically via e-mail and download links, hosted through a storage service in the cloud, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, the license agreements can be sent as a PDF file (s) attachment (s). Tangible copies will not be delivered /physical by any shipping for any type of license, whether exclusive or not. Check your email junk and/or SPAM Inbox if you cannot find our emails in your Inbox. Be sure not to block pop-up windows in your browser, or links in your email provider / software. If it is not possible to click on the link, copy and paste the link in the address bar of your browser. If you experience any problems with the download links, try with another browser or computer / device. Most mobile phones and devices are not able to download and save files, in order to download the files / documents correctly, please use a desktop as a PC, Mac, Laptop or MacBook computer.

6. VALIDITY - License agreements do not need to be signed by the licensee and become legally valid and active automatically with the purchase and receipt of the BEATS / instrumental purchased. As shown in our web site, the customer automatically accepts all items that are listed in the terms and conditions, and enter into this agreement with the purchase. To make a payment, the licensee States that it is fully aware of the content indicated in the terms and conditions, this accepts and approves in its entirety. The full terms are listed in our official website TERMS AND CONDITIONS and in the form of buttons on our official TUNEPORT page. In the event of possible changes in any of the listed points, or if a point becomes invalid or is adjusted, all other points in the terms and conditions shall not be affected and remain valid. Previously sold licenses and rights granted will not be affected by future changes in the terms and conditions. Stakeholders, customers and licensees (licensees), have full responsibility to read the terms and conditions before making a purchase and look for updates and/or changes in the terms and conditions on our website. kaelsounds.com.co and TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Kael Sounds is not obligated to publicly explain changes in the terms and conditions at any time or in any form.

7. TRANSFER OF RIGHTS - Rights that are granted to the licensee, are not transferable if the licensee presents to another artist or artists that are not included as licensees in its license agreement by the date of purchase, the BEAT / INSTRUMENTAL is permitted for use in the song of the licensee, are not transferable to others and not divisible, for any type of non-exclusive licenses and remain strict and only obligated to Licensor. The owners of exclusive licenses can: split, transfer, or share your rights of composition on the song lyric, establishing an individual written agreement required the approval of the Licensor at its discretion in the form signed. If additional license agreements, new agreements to license or changes in (a) the applicable license agreements, or any additions or related setting, etc., contracts or license agreements must include these terms and conditions and refer to the points / content, listed in these terms and conditions in order to combine all the requirements, and the necessary information / records for any type of license warranties and terms and conditions. All orders are final and cannot be changed / altered / adjusted / refunded later, without the approval of the licensor.

8. LEGAL ADVICE - The Licensee hereby acknowledges that has sought and received legal advice from independent lawyers, or that voluntarily has renounced its right to independent advice, regarding the terms and available content in this agreement.

9. ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS - 1. Kael Sounds has legal right, but not the duty, to buy the exclusive rights of the current holder of an exclusive license, for any amount of money, if the licensee's exclusive rights accepts and want to resell its exclusive rights to the licensor. 2. If a lyric compass contains material sampling, sample cleaning should be performed by the licensee, never by Kael Sounds. Customers or licensees understand that they are responsible for cleaning all the samples you choose to use and that the licensor cannot and is not responsible for the misuse of any sampled material that licensee use in conjunction with the BEAT / original INSTRUMENTAL that is being licensed in this agreement. 3. the licensor understands and accepts that it only paid for production of the producer work. The licensee is not intended to have or own the rights to any material used. Under no circumstances may licensee resell the same coup or any modification thereof, or transfer the rights of the composition of the BEAT / INSTRUMENTAL in any form to a third party. 4 regardless of the type of license purchased by the LICENSEE, Kael Sounds you can always use the BEAT / INSTRUMENTAL for his own promotional purposes, without limitation, worldwide, without end time. Therefore, all of the BEAT / INSTRUMENTAL licensed exclusively can remain on the site or on any web site and market who volunteered, if so decided by the licensor. To do this, download and license options will be deleted / purchase BEATS / instruments sold exclusively (exclusive license), are marked as "Sold" and will not be available for any form of future license. 5. the licensee may edit / alter the duration of the BEAT / INSTRUMENTAL, mix the BEAT / INSTRUMENTAL (use of effects, change volumes / levels, etc.) and make basic general modifications, how to change the structure of the Instrumentation (if so desired), always possesses a license on the pace, and not change the structure of sounds dramatically, so much so that the compass to become unrecognizable (for example (, only use the DRUMS or less than 70% of all the sounds / instruments included in the original composition of the BEAT / INSTRUMENTAL). It is not allowed the use of individual stems: melodies, instruments, sounds, drums, etc. of the BEAT / ORIGINAL INSTRUMENTATION, for use in other compositions in a competitive product (for example: remixes or music/ rhythms sampled) without consent in writing and approval of Licensor. The remixes using any material from the BEAT / INSTRUMENTAL, or make musical versions covering the original composition of the BEAT / INSTRUMENTAL, will be claimed by misuse of copyright, and discharged on the used platforms.

10. LINK LABOR - After the delivery of the BEAT / INSTRUMENTAL, KaelSounds (licensor) shall be disconnected from any other responsibility and legal obligation with the licensee, and you will be legally released from any other function. Nothing herein shall be construed or shall bind the parties to the relationship: employer and employee, master and servant, partners or joint ventures.

11. LEGAL SOLUTION - The BEAT / INSTRUMENTAL of Kael Sounds can’t rise in any web site, market, or distributed in any form without the appropriate permission and consent in writing. Kael Sounds is not responsible for any other website, market, company or person that demands selling your BEATS / INSTRUMENTAL and want to have rights over them, shall not be liable for damages, damages, financial losses or legal issues, caused by any person who abuse, neglect or despising the terms and conditions of this list. Any person who is abusing and violating these terms and conditions or any other legal aspect related to music, the content or the physical and/or intellectual property of Kael Sounds, probably will face a trial and criminal punishment and be liable for the infringement of copyright. The legal address of the company is Bogota, Colombia (South America). For any point listed in this written agreement, any restrictions and general legal solution, the Colombian law is applicable, in any case.